Argentum Metallicum H.C.Allen

Argentum Metallicum suits for Tall, thin, irritable persons.

Ailments from abuse of Mercury.

Constitutional effects of onanism.

Affects the cartilages, tarsal, ears, nose, Eustachian; the structures entering into joints.

Seminal emissions: after onanism; almost every night; without erection; with atrophy of penis.

Crushed pain in the testicles ( Rhododendron ).

Prolapsus; with pain in left ovary and back, extending forward and downward (right ovary, [Palladium]); climacteric haemorrhage.

Exhausting, fluent coryza with sneezing.

Hoarseness; of professional singers, public speakers ( Alumina , Arum triphyllum ).

Argentum Metallicum has Total loss of voice of professional singers.

Throat and larynx feel raw or sore on swallowing or coughing.

Laughing excites cough ( Drosera , Phosphorus , Stannum ) and produces profuse mucus in larynx.

When reading aloud has to hem and hawk; cough with easy expectoration of gelatinous, viscid mucus, looking like boiled starch.

Argentum Metallicum has Great weakness of the chest ( Stannum ); worse left side.

Alternation in timbre of voice with singers and public speakers ( Arum triphyllum ).

Raw spot over bifurcation of the trachea. worse when using voice, talking or singing.

Argentum Metallicum Relation. – Follows well: after, Alumina

Similar: to, [Stannum in] cough excited by laughing.

Aggravation. – Riding in a carriage ( Cocculus indicus ); when touched or pressed upon; talking, singing, reading aloud.

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