Epilepsy, Dr. Samuel Lilienthal


Absinthium [Absin]
      Repeated attacks in one day, preceded by terrific hallucination and followed by motor and sensory paralysis; large number of fits recurring in rapid succession; vertigo on rising; momentary unconsciousness; foam at mouth, bites tongue, convulsions begin in face and extend to body and limbs,which are at fist rigid and then affected by clonic spasms, with cyanotic face and stertoris, irregular breathing.
AEthusa-cyn [Aeth]
      During epileptoid fit thumbs bent inward, face red, EYES TURNED DOWN (in epilepsy usually turned up), pupils dilated and immovable, white, milky froth before mouth, teeth set, violent convulsions pulse small, temperature normal, followed by great weakness, prostration and sleepiness.
Agaricus [Agar]
      (Amanita). Epilepsy with great exertion of strength; from fright, EVERY SEVEN DAYS; he fall sand lies almost motionless;from suppressed eruptions;l the attacks increase at first and lessen gradually; patient feels as if drunken and always sleepy; unconscious and speechless with the convulsions, face blue and puffed,froth at the mouth; sensations as if cold air were spreading from the spine over the body, like an aura.
Alumina [Alum]
      THE FITS COME ON WHILE AT STOOL;excited condition of mind and body; involuntary jerks alternating with dull sight, loss of smell, pale face, lassitude and drowsiness.
Ammonium-brom [Am-br]
      Frontal headache, suffused eyes, ptosis or convulsive closure of the eyelids; TINNITUS AURUM FROM CONGESTION OF THE LABYRINTH: sense of constriction about the head and chest; fingers, stiff, numb, swollen, blue under nails; pain from nape to occiput; hot flushes and cold chills; weariness. Scrofula with tetanic convulsions,ending in full epilepsy.
Ammonium-carb [Am-c]
      Tetanic or epileptic or epileptic convulsions from VIOLENT CEREBRAL IRRITATION, he feels as if head would burst, with sense of oppressive fulness, (<) after eating, while walking in open air; (>) from pressure, in warm room; hysteria.
Amyl-nitrite [Aml-n]
      Muscular twitching in legs, arms and face, followed by sense of fullness of had, flushing of face, violent palpitation of heat and unconsciousness; mental confusion and a dreamlike state; haunted many times a day by an indescribable dread and sensation of the coming fit; profound and repeated yawning during unconsciousness; succession of fits, with increasing frequency, before one fit; profound and repeated yawning during unconsciousness; succession of fits, with increasing frequency, before one fit ceases another one begins.
Argentum-met [Arg-m]
      Spasms simulating loose of epilepsy, followed by delirious rage; patient jumps about and tries to strikes those near him; severe headache, gradually increasing and then suddenly ceasing, with vertigo; spasmodic twitching of heart-muscle, particularly when patient is lying on his back; followed by general debility, chiefly in the joints.
Argentum-nit [Arg-n]
      FOR DAYS OR HOURS AN ATTACK THE PUPILS ARE DILATED; after the attack patient is very restless and has trembling of head. Epilepsy from fright or in that which comes on DURING MENSTRUATION; natural epilepsy, followed by debility for several days; gloomy, dull, wishes to do nothing for fear of an attack.
Arsenicum-album [Ars]
      Vertigo and intense aching in occiput precede the fit, which is followed by stupor, broken by restlessness; spasms precede by burning heat of the whole body, or by a SENSATION OF WARM AIR STREAMING UP THE SPINE INTO THE HEAD, vertigo, loss of consciousness and falling down (Calcarea ars.).
Artemisia-vulgaris [Art-v]
      Very much vexed, irritable, depressed during the day before a fit at night; FITS BROUGHT ON BY VIOLENT EMOTIONS, especially by fright; several convulsions come close together and then a long interval of rest, paroxysms usually followed by sleep; mental powers gradually become extinct with the epileptic fits; insensibility after the fit, left pupil more dilated than the right, mouth to left, laceration of o tongue, urine increased;violent cramps in abdomen; irregular, insufficient catamenia;PETIT MAL,PATIENT IS UNCONSCIOUS ONLY FOR A FEW SECONDS OR MINUTES AND then continues his occupation; unconscious of anything usual having happened.
Asterias-rubens [Aster]
      Twitching over whole body, several days before the attack, pale face,sudden falling, convulsive motions of jaw, froth at the mouth, shocks in limbs, loss of consciousness, livid face; after attack prostration and anxiety in upper part of abdomen or does not lose consciousness (?) but has hallucinations as if away from home, in the midst of strangers, hears voices, to which he replies; easily excited by an emotion, especially by contradiction; violent pressure upon anterior lobes of brain, extending beneath the eyes; pallor of face, and jaws set while unconscious after attack great debility with sense of distress in epigastrium.
Belladonna [Bell]
      FRESH CASES OF EPILEPSY, with decided brain symptoms: there is aura as if a mouse were running over an extremity, or of heat rising from the stomach, or illusions of sight or heating, convulsions commence in upper extremities and extend to the mouth, face and eyes; spasms in the larynx and fauces,with a peculiar clutching of the throat during the fit; inability to swallow and danger of suffocations; foam at the mouth; involuntary micturition and defaecation; oppression to he chest and anxious breathing; the spasms are excited again by the least touch; great anxiety, ear, frightful visions.
Bufo-sah [Bufo-s]
      AURA STARTS FROM SEXUAL ORGANS OR FROM SOLAR PLEXUS; epilepsy from onanism, longs for solitude to give himself up to his vice; after fright;l fit during coition, wick ejaculation without pleasure, with spasms and painful weariness of limbs epileptic aura from uterus to stomach, menses suppressed, or fits worse at times of menses in sleep, followed by severe pain and pressure on top of head, face bathed in sweat during the fit. Severe cases head drawn to one side, then backward before the fit, with numbness of brain, falls down unconscious, with a wild cry, followed by severe tonic and clonic spasms, distorted facial muscles, grinding of teeth, foaming at mouth, ending in loud snoring sleep. Angry disposition, occipital compression and stiff neck before paroxysms; extreme continual sensation of coldness; ABDOMINAL EPILEPSY.
Calcarea-ars [Calc-ar]
      Epilepsy proceeding from CARDIAC AFFECTIONS, commencing with a pain in heat of constriction, rush of blood to the head loss of speech and unconsciousness; more in daytime, (>) on lying down; bodily and mental relaxation.
Calcarea-carb [Calc]
      Aids in CHANGING THE CONSTITUTION. Aura may begin in solar plexus and move upward or downward into the uterus and limbs., In some cases aura causes a feeling as if a mouse were running up the arm Epilepsy at the age of puberty or from irregular menstruation; even in children irritation of sexual organs, child plays with penis and has constant erections, leading to onanism; fits (<) during solstice, at full moon (Bufo ar the change of moon), at night from drinking cold water. PETIT MAL, sudden attacks of vertigo, loss of consciousness without convulsions; pharyngeal spasms followed by desire of swallowing; attacks return after slightest vexation; enfeebled memory, dull intellect; anxious about getting well during the intervals, with difficult thinking, or appears to be lapsing into completeimbecility.
Calcarea-phos [Calc-p]
      Suitable for young persons whose bodies are in progress of development; for psoric people; after suppressed menses from bathing; great debility with enuresis; (<) after eating and when lying on back, (>) on side.
Camphora [Camph]
      Fits with stertorous breathing, red and bloated face,coma; violent epileptic spasms after vexation, throws himself back with fearful shrieks, endeavors to tear everything within his react. Early enough given it may prevent the fit or at least abridge its intensity and duration; cause; suppressed catarrh of head and chest.
Cannabis-ind [Cann-i]
      HYSTERO-EPILEPSY. Extraordinary mental and physical vigor, an ecstatic exaltation of mind and body as aura; headache, epilepsy through temples, with vertigo, glimmering before eyes, redness of conjunctiva, noises in ears, head feels as if it would burst. Catalepsy.
Causticum [Caust]
      HYSTERO-EPILEPSY at the age of puberty or in connection with menstrual irregularities; uneasiness of body, anxiety about heart while sitting, is obliged to walk about or to run away; convulsions with feverish heat and coldness of hands and feet, involuntary micturition, after fright or after suppression of eruptions, in psoric constitutions, (<) during new moon; (>) drinking cold water as soon as pressure in stomach commences. Recent and light cases. PETIT MAL, sudden loss of consciousness in the fresh air, but removes himself soon. Nocturnal epilepsy with involuntary urination: convulsions, especially on right side,m with head drawn towards it; spasms of pharynx followed by movements of swallowing (Calcarea carb);idiotic condition and paralysis during intervals.
Cedron [Cedr]
      MENSTRUAL EPILEPSY; precursory symptoms precisely the same day that catamenia commenced; vertigo,tinnitus Aurum, irregular action of heart and pulse, followed by unconsciousness and falling with a distressing cry or risus sardonicus and slight foaming at the mouth; face timid, pupils dilated, sparks before eyes.
Chininum-ars [Chin-ar]
      Without previous aura he feels it rushing through brain and down right side of neck into arm, which is distorted and wrenched so as to crack audibly, the facial muscles are convulsively drawn, sight and speech cease, consciousness gone and he falls to the ground, followed by cold sweat, loud eructations and a feeling ofutter prostration.
Cicuta-vir [Cic]
      CONCUSSION OF BRAIN, congestion at the base of the brain and in the medulla oblongata. AT first the patient is rigid, opisthotonos or emprosthotonos, with fixed, staring eyes, bluish face and frothing at the mouth, followed by shocks passing from head through body; EXCESSIVELY VIOLENT CONVULSIONS, TONIC AND CLONIC, and continuous distortions of extremities, after the attacks profound exhaustion. Spasms from worms, and in some forms of puerperal spasms with unconsciousness, especially after emotions.
Cimicifuga [Cimic]
      HYSTERO-EPILEPSY AND PERIODICAL CONVULSIONS DURING UTERINE AFFECTIONS; heat in occiput and down the back during the fit great painfulness of the muscles of the neck and shoulders after it.
Crot.-hor [Crot-h]
      Epileptic convulsions with trembling of limbs, without foaming at the mouth; unconsciousness indifference; seems only half alive; paleness office, as in fainting sensation of tight constriction of throat.
Cuprum-acet [Cupr-acet]
      Aura begins at knees, ascending until it reaches the hypogastric region, when unconsciousness occurs, foam at mouth and falling down confused. As soon as a patient goes in to a room with high ceiling, head reels and she loses her senses continuous protrusion and retraction of tongue like a sank (Lach); peevish before attack, awakes frightened.
Cuprum-met [Cupr]
      Nocturnal epilepsy, or when the FITS RETURN AT REGULAR INTERVALS (menses),beginning with a sudden scream; unconsciousness; loss of sensibility and throwing the body upward and forward; convulsions commencing at the fingers or toes or in the arms with coldness of the hands and feet,and pallor or lividity of face; clenching the thumbs; suffocative paroxysms,; frequent emotion of urine;l turbid urinal; piercing violent screaming; difficult comprehension or stupor; convulsions of children during dentition or from retrocession of an exanthema; extreme violence of the convulsions, with pale or livid face, slow pulse (often a sign of feeble muscular action of the heart), coldness of hands and feet; patient foretells the attack.
Cypripedium [Cypr]
      EPILEPSY FROM NERVOUS IRRITATION, from exhaustion of nerve forces; from irritability of the brain in childre
Drosera [Dros]
      Epileptic attacks; twitching of limbs; after the attack haemoptoe and sleep.
Gelsemium [Gels]
      Hysterical epilepsy after suppressed menses preceded by dull feeling in head and vertex, and pain and fulness in region of medulla oblongata.
Glonoin [Glon]
      Epileptic fits accumulate and return daily; Convulsions from cerebral congestion; stupidity and somnolence; alternate congestion of heart and head; throbbing ;Pain in epigastrium; jerking of limbs; no foam at mouth; from scanty or suppressed menses, after mental or physical effort, followed by sleepiness and subsequent depression, loss of memory and aphasia, SUNSTROKE, or too much heat on head and face from any cause.
Hydrocyanic-acid [Hydr-ac]
      RECENT CASES. Sudden complete loss of consciousness and sensation; extreme coma for several hours, only interrupted by occasional sudden convulsive movements confusion of the head and vertigo;jaws clenched, teeth firmly set, froth at the mouth, forming large bubbles; unable to swallow; involuntary discharge of urine and faeces;upper extremities contracted and the hands clenched; unusual stiffness of the legs; spasms commencing in the toes, followed by distortion of the eyes,towards the right and upward, afterwards general spasms; distortion of the limbs ad frightful distortion o the face; trunk spasmodically bent forward; heat buried between shoulders; great exhaustion, prostration and aversion to all work, mental and physical;aura feels like a shock in the brain and the fit is always preceded by a cry and laryngeal pain.
Hyoscyamus [Hyos]
      Epilepsy, before the fit, vertigo;sparks before eyes; ringing in ears hungry gnawing during the fit, face purple, twitching andjerking, frothing at mouth, eyes projecting, shrieks, grinding teeth urination; after attack, sopor, snoring; from grief, after emotion, in consequence of drinking.

Hypericum [Hyper]      Traumatic epilepsy, hyperaesthesia of wounded surfaces.

Ignatia [Ign]      RECENT CASES. Convulsions return at the same hour in daytime or at night; silent stupid state, with jerking of body, partial spasms of the extremities, one limb or only certain muscles at a time. Emotional epilepsy; lassitude after the fit, morning and afternoon (Arsenicum, night).

Ind. [Indg]      Patient is of exceedingly timid and MELANCHOLIC (blues) character, tired of life,feels very gloomy; flushes of heat from ABDOMEN TO HEAD, WITH SENSATION AS IF THE head, with sensational s if the headache were tightly bandaged around the forehead; epileptic fit begins with dizziness; epilepsy originating from plexus solaris, WORMS (ascarides); children wake up at night scratching the anus, are sad, timid, low-spirited, afraid of strangers; aura from between shoulders, where there is a painful spot.

Kali-brom [Kali-br]      THE GRAND REMEDY TO SUPPRESS BUT NOT TO CURE the disease; it lessens reflex excitation, hence its antipathic application to epilepsy and related affections. Mental habitude, slowness of expression, failure of memory from tuberculosis; confusion of heat in head with vertigo; dull, stupid expression, languor in extremities gait unsteady, reeling as if drunk, disinclined to talk, indifferent, sleepy, yet by a strong effort of the will can act as usual. In provings nothing of convulsions is said.

Kali-carb [Kali-c]      jerking in head from behind, a drink of water recalls her though she feels weak and nauseated; debility bordering on paralysis; fits mostly in the early hour’s of the morning, (>) from eructations. Obesity and still anaemia.

Lachesis [Lach]      AURA BEGINS IN THE HEART (Calcarea ars);suddenly something runs up to neck and larynx and interrupts breathing entirely or a creeping sensation beginning at the nucha and morning slowly down the spinal column; patient awakes from sleep and is seized with he fit, foam at the heavy and painful head, palpitations;; left side chiefly affected; often cased by onanism or excessive sexual desire.

Magnesia-phos [Mag-p]      Spasms, stiffness of limbs, clenched fists or teeth; from local irritations of nerves,when overexcited, from vicious habits; spasmodic yawning.

Moschus [Mosch]      Epileptic fit, with rigors and shuddering, as if the patient was very cold; external chilliness with internal heat and great sense of oppression.

Naja-tripudians [Naja]      Epileptoid steel feels as if on a sudden somebody came behind him and struck a severe blow on head and neck, with oppression of chest, as if a hot iron were run in and a hundred-weight put on top of it.

Natrum-sulph [Nat-s]      EPILEPSY FROM CONCUSSION OF BRAIN (Arnica, Cicuta, Op) after injuries on head photophobia great irritability and disgust of life; violent pain as if the base of brain were crushed in arise or as if a dog were gnawing there hot feeling on top of head; exhaustion a and prostration.

Nitric-acid [Nit-ac]      FITS AFTER MIDNIGHT, biting tongue, mouth and head drawn to and from, snoring during sleep; excessive irritability with debility; aura begins in left arm. syphilis.

Nux-vomica [Nux-v]      EPILEPSY FROM INDIGESTION; aura starts in epigastrium and spreads upward; sensation like ants crawling over the face (Bufo, Sil); spinal epilepsy, with opisthotonos;trembling or convulsive twitchings of the limbs;rigidity of limbs;involuntary defaecation and urination; oversensitiveness to external impressions which are unbearable and affect him much ; pressure on solar plexus renews the attack, (<) in open air (Platina, Sepia, Sulphur).

OEnanthe-croc [Oena]      Epileptiform convulsions, face twitching, livid, as if swollen, pulse accelerated, followed by deep sleep or coma; convulsions with vertigo, madness, nausea, vomiting heat and agony in stomach, followed by unconsciousness, eyes turned up, pupils dilated, lockjaw; convulsions with deathlike syncope. EPILEPSIA NOCTURNA.

Opium [Op]      Fright causes fit;nocturnal epilepsy, continued starters breathing; breathing deep, unequal;cyanotic face or red, bloated,distorted; deep, comatose sleep; suffocative paroxysms during convulsive state.

Platina [Plat]      Epilepsy from onanism;HYSTERO-EPILEPSY OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN; tetanic-like spasms with wild shrieks, alternating with catalepsy (Cann. ind.) spasms alternating with dyspnoea to suffocation, trembling, shivering, (<) at dawn; changing mood and indifference.

Plumbum [Plb]      EPILEPSY FROM CEREBRAL SCLEROSIS OR TUMORS. Almost paralytic heaviness of the legs before the attacks and paralysis and prolonged snoring sleep afterwards; consciousness returns only slowly, earthy color of face, constipation; mind weak, morose and sad.

Ranunculus-bulb [Ran-b]      Epileptiform attacks the result of excesses in drink; delirium tremens; reflex epilepsy at the beginning of pneumonia or pleuritic affections.

Silicea [Sil]      Nocturnal epilepsy, especially ABOUT THE TIME OF THE NEW MOON; chronic cases (after Calc); before the attack; feeling of great coldness of the left side of the body, shaking of the left army; slumber with starting. The spasms spread, undulating from the solar plexus up towards the brain; violent screaming, groaning, tars drop out of his eyes foam before the mouth; afterwards warm

perspiration, slumber, paralysis of the right side. Exalted susceptibility to nervous stimuli, with an exhausted condition of the nerves; abdominal epilepsy; inveterate cases.

Stannum [Stann]      HELMINTHIASIS OF GENITAL ORGASM. Epilepsy, with tossing of the limbs; clenching of the thumbs; pale face, opisthotonos; unconsciousness; colic better by pressing firmly on abdomen, worse in evening.

Staphisagria [Staph]      EMOTIONAL EPILEPSY;chronic cases; great sensitiveness of mind and nervous system; vertigo; vanishing of ideas; anxiety with fearfulness; headache as if the brain were compressed; great weakness with spasmodic drawing and witching in muscles; tendency to paralysis; bad effects of masturbation and excessive sexual indulgence.

Stramonium [Stram]      Epileptiform spasms,-thrusting the head continually in quickly succession to the right; continual rotary motion with the left arm; pain in the pit of stomach; obstinate constipation; deep snoring sleep; RISUS SARDONICUS; pale, worn-out appearance, with a stupid friendly look; afraid of being alone; convulsions affecting the upper more than the lower extremities; also isolated groups of muscles; PETIT MAL;fixed gaze for one or two minutes, he does not seem to notice objects around him; vertigo with sudden loss of consciousness, while reading or while walking in the open air; erotic manifestations; constriction of throat, dilated pupils during attack of petit mal.

Sulphur [Sulph]      Whenever some dyscrasia lurks in the system, or its outward symptoms were suppressed. chronic epilepsy; before the spell crawling and running as from a mouse down the back and arms, or up the leg to the right side of the abdomen; after the convulsions soporous sleep and great exhaustion; onanism.

Tarentula [Tarent]      HYSTERO-EPILEPSY; sensation of dizziness before the fit, followed by convulsions and great praecordial anguish.

Viscum-alb [Visc]      Epilepsy, with constant vertigo, even when in bed, feeling as if the whole fault of the skull would be raised up; muscles of the face in constant agitation face pale; aura rises from feet to head.

Zincum [Zinc]      EPILEPSY FROM CEREBRAL EXHAUSTION (Phosphorus, Lycopodium, Kali br.); peevish, whining, hungry days before attack; symptoms felt mostly during rest, (<) after diner and towards evening; fainting fits left side cold; twitching in various muscles; the whole body jerks during sleep; fidgety feet;INFANTILE EPILEPSY.

Zizia-aurea [Ziz]      Spasms of the muscles of the face and extremities. Before spasms labor-pains cease and feels pain in epigastrium.


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